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NutCracker Sweeet

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NutCracker Sweeet

A different kind of “NutCracker Sweeet”     (inclusive theatre arts program debuts)

December 10, 2014

The D.E.F.T. Theatre-Arts program invites people of all abilities & beliefs to join them in celebrating diversity, and working together to support community needs. This is not your ‘typical’ theatre group nor the standard Nutcracker Suite. While there will be some highly trained ballet and modern dancers, thanks to Ideafactory Dance Machine, there will also be Southside drummers, rap, beach music, dancing owls, sign language, and more.

Join the celebration on December 10, 2014, 6:30 pm at the Wesley Grant Southside Community Center – 

285 Livingston Street, Asheville.

This NutCracker is the second holiday performance by a group some call “disabled.” But like the name DEFT itself, these players work diligently improving their arts & acting abilities, coordination, confidence, & teamwork to become skilled and adept. D.E.F.T. creates opportunities to collaborate between youth with disabilities and their mainstream peers, while bringing a new twist to old stories and hoping to change stereotypes throughout the community. This year, the performers also wish to ‘give back’ to those in need by requesting canned food donations instead of tickets. Bring your family and friends for a unique experience in community-building through creativity.

(For more information, contact Daydreamz project at 828-476-4231.)

Person of the Week

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Starr Hogan of the Daydreamz Project is person of the week on WLOS TV station in the Asheville area. She is deserving of the recognition and we are very fortunate to have her in our community. Kudos Starr!



DEFT Theatre – Wizard of Oz

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DEFT Theatre – Wizard of Oz

D.E.F.T. Theatre Arts (Daydreamz ~ Exceptional Theatre ~ First ~ Therapuetic Rec: 4 partner agencies started it)  – Now finishing its first full year, this program brings together folks with disabilities and those without, to create unique theatre performances highlighting participants passion & talents. A truly heartwarming & rewarding experience for participants as well as audience members.

Their performance for the 2014 Summer program is July 31, 2014 6:30PM at Wesley Grant Community Center in Asheville, NC. (see flyer for details)


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The First Annual SeptemberFest is Coming to Waynesville in 2014!

The Daydreamz Project is sponsoring the first annual SeptemberFest event at the Green Thumb Garden in back of the Old Armory building in Frog Level, Waynesville NC. This event will celebrate the harvest of community gardens in the Waynesville, Haywood County area.

The SeptemberFest also features Cherokee Storyteller, Paula Nelson [image attached]. Paula Nelson is a singer, poet, writer, dancer and one of the chief preservationists of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians. She combines storytelling, lecturing and singing to bring Cherokee culture to life and show how all people can learn and benefit from the wisdom of her people. She will be teaching about the relationship between gardening and community in her culture and how thriving gardens really do create thriving communities. For example, the practice of her people always planting “extra” in their gardens in case neighbors fall on hard times, the very foundation of our community gardens!

Green Thumb Garden
Old Armory Building
44 Boundary St.
Waynesville NC

Saturday, September 13, 2014

There will be food and wares from local vendors, music and dancing, as well as information about gardening, beekeeping, sustainability, a tour of local community gardens, and more. There’s also a raffle you could win so come on out and see what’s happening in the Green areas of Waynesville.

Did you know there are numerous community gardens that are thriving right here in your own community? Come learn about these gardens and about organic sustainable gardening in general, as well as volunteer opportunities. And have lots of fun while you’re learning.

Do you know how to Glean? You too can help feed the hungry in Haywood County. Find out more about this important food contribution to our community at the SeptemberFest!

Through the Daydreamz Project, artists & volunteers utilized the tools & materials that were readily available to start the Green Thumb Garden, most often recycling, re-purposing and re-visioning. They work in a variety of creative modes from collage to murals, from masks to giant street puppets, from senior computer classes to youth videos, and from planting seeds of hope to planting community gardens.

For more information about the upcoming SeptemberFest, volunteering for any number of local community garden projects, or the Daydreamz Project contact, or call Pamela at 828-246-4485.