Daydreamz was developed by a small group of creative-beings that felt frustrated with inequities in their communities & beyond. They longefun01d to use their collective talents & vision to help those less confident, supported, or seen to tell their story, grow their own skills & confidence, create a new future for themselves, and ultimately change their community. We utilize what tools & materials are readily available, most often recycling/ re-purposing/ re-visioning, and we work in a variety of creative modes from collage to murals, from masks to giant street puppets, from senior computer classes to youth videos, and from planting seeds of hope to planting community gardens.

We meet people where they are in life & ability, and ask them “what they want to share, what is important to them?” We then help them use the arts to convey that.

We gather materials, artists, ideas, and each other to explore & grow creatively. The results are often moving, profound, and life-changing for those involved or witnessing. For this reason we bring their creations to the community in gallery exhibitions, performances, parades, and thru media outlets/ film festivals.